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Ideas and useful tips to find cheap cars


Do you want to buy a used car and want to know where to find cheap cars ? So this article is for you. It is not easy to extricate yourself in the four-wheeler market.


Where to find cheap cars: driving


You have two roads: you can  start a pilgrimage around dealers and dealers that could – of course – make you stumble in the car that’s right for you, but that could also make you run empty, wasting time and wasting fuel. you can search online, on sites specialized in used cars where you will find a sea of ​​offers, perhaps too many, but that – thanks to the ability to filter searches – you can skim to a list. Only then, and always agreeing an appointment with the dealer, you can go to the visit. And you will do it without fail . Like all websites of this kind it is totally free for those looking for ads, and since it is part of a German holding operating throughout Europe, it offers the possibility of extending the car’s research to foreign markets as well . The user interface of Autoscout24 is very intuitive and allows you to make very accurate searches. Once you have selected the brand and model of the car you are looking for, you can refine your search by choosing the type of engine, the gearbox (manual or automatic), the range of kilometers traveled and the price you have as a budget. You can narrow the field to offers on a geographical area, professional or private sellers and cars with specific guarantees. For example that of the parent company. Once you have selected the shortlist, you can click on individual ads to see the photos and features that the advertiser has specified. And you can decide to contact him directly from the site , without having to copy / paste the email address. Or, if you prefer, you can call him for more information and arrange an appointment.


Another marketplace on which to look for cheap used cars from private individuals and dealers is, a site owned by eBay that has grown a lot. It has an average of 150,000 ads active on the Italian used market – but unlike Autoscout24 it does not allow extensive research on foreign markets – and here it is also possible to find offers from professional dealers and private drivers. Tusability of is high and allows to do targeted searches – through filters – including or excluding cars with certain characteristics, like the site described above. And here you can also view the photos uploaded by the advertiser Always the advertiser can indicate all the characteristics of the car, which must always be present and detailed. If an ad has no photo and / or is very summary or even cryptic, I suggest you move on. It is not the best solution.




Immediately – which until about a year ago was called – ​​is not a marketplace dedicated only to cars. Like other general sites (eBay, Kijiji etc.), it offers  sections dedicated to buildings , work, electronics, sports equipment and personal care. Which mats can not be missing to protect your protect my used car.


Anyone who has bought a car, whether new or used, knows how much it costs to keep it in good condition. But not everyone knows which products to choose, use and purchase to protect it and make it more usable. We can start from the car mats , do not you think? In addition to the technical aspects that have to do with its proper functioning such as the oil change, the filters, the spark plugs, the tire condition check – all necessary maintenance – there are other details inside the car that we must considering. Like accessories to protect the bases we walk on. Without forgetting the funds we use to place objects. This is if we want our car to remain in excellent condition, be easy to clean and last for as long as possible. Let’s find out which are the best products you can find on the market.


Original, universal or customized mats?


Once you have considered buying a new set of floor mats , you will need to decide to buy the brand’s official, universal or tailor-made ones. Obviously everything produced by specialized companies. To make this decision it is important to know that universal floor mats often have  inconsistent and low density carpet density . This causes rapid wear. Not to mention the fact that, not being custom-made, they can be uncomfortable, unsightly and dangerous. Bofficial mats that car manufacturers offer are not always of a quality comparable to the asking price. But many prefer to choose the originals. Because they ensure compatibility with your model. Without considering that there are artisans who produce mats identical to the originals at an affordable price.


Velor floor mats: personalization is the key


In addition to the mats of the manufacturers, there are factories that offer the possibility to design the car mat customized to suit your needs and tastes. Such as? Providing multiple possible combinations thanks to a wide selection of colors, designs, quality and materials. All this gives the car an exclusive appearance and a renewed air. The sites specialized in the sale of car mats allow you to select your model from the leading car brands, find a wide range of tailor-made products, and choose the desired quality and customizable features. You can select the color or pattern of the fabric, the color scheme of the edges, the type of door sill and introduce an embroidery with a name, an abbreviation, an image or a logo . The function of custom car mats is to combine practice and aesthetics while protecting the car’s upholstery giving it an exclusive, personal and unique touch.


Car warranty used in case of sale between individuals


Buying a used car puts you in front of a series of evaluations, some of which will be within your reach, while for others you will have to contact people more competent than you, in the hope that they can advise you for the best. At the base of the choice, however, there are always two fundamental elements: the need that pushes you to buy the used car and the confidence that you will have to place in the seller.

Unfortunately, however, our motivations are often strong enough to push us to trust us to complete the purchase and get hold of the used car we have chosen, making a serious mistake. Buying a used car not covered by a warranty could be expensive.


Buying a used car: dealership or private?


When you decide to buy a car you must take into account that, once chosen, must remain in our possession for a certain period of time, short or long does not matter. As a consequence, it is necessary to move with a certain prudence, to avoid making errors of assessment. If you decide to go to a used car dealership , the problem of trust is relative, because you are offered a 12 month free legal guarantee which applies to the mechanical parts, engine and gearbox. Therefore, if you had problems and defects after the purchase, you can always claim the guarantee to have them repaired. But when do you buy a used car from a private person ? In that case, what guarantees do you have?


Buy a car used by a private person: what guarantees?


If you decide to buy a car used by a private individual , whether you know it directly or intercepted online through a dedicated marketplace, you need to be very careful. Unfortunately, the sale between individuals, although often convenient from the economic point of view, does not offer a guarantee on the used car you are buying, this means that you have nobody to turn to where problems immediately arise. You must know that the sale of private persons is regulated by the Civil Code, but the law does not replace the advantages of a used car warranty you are buying.


Article 1490 of the Civil Code


The sale of cars used by private individuals does not enjoy the warranty provided by the Consumer Code , valid instead in case of purchase at a dealership, a retailer, a professional or an importer of used cars:

The compliance guarantee is applicable only to sales between professional and consumer, does not apply to sales between consumers, or when buying from a private individual. The only guarantee you can enjoy is Article 1490 of the Civil Code, which reads as follows: The seller is obliged to ensure that the thing sold is free from defects that render it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended or that appreciably decrease its value.  The agreement with which the guarantee is excluded or limited does not have effect, if the seller has in bad faith kept silent to the buyer the vices of the thing.


What does it mean?


For example, in the event of a car breakdown after purchase , you will have to prove that the seller was aware of the defect and that he omitted it in order to conclude the sale.


Used car warranty: the intervention of a mediator


As we explained, the Consumer Code does not provide a guarantee on the sale of cars between private individuals  , provided that this does not happen through the intervention of a professional mediator. In this case, a third party acts as a link between the two individuals, the seller and the buyer, offering a guarantee on the used car. Therefore, the seller will not be able to answer the guarantee on the car, even if the transfer of ownership indicates the transaction between two individuals, but the professional mediator.


Car warranty used online: what it is


Buying a car used by a private person exposes you to a risk, because the asset is not covered by a legal guarantee as required by the Consumer Code. The absence of a legal guarantee, however, should not discourage you from buying, especially if it is a good deal for you, because there is a simple and effective solution. You can protect your car with a Used Car Warranty, like the one offered by .

How to activate the used car warranty?


The used car warranty can be purchased by the seller, to make the proposed offer more attractive to the potential buyer, or from the latter independently. In the first case, the buyer will activate the guarantee after the transfer of ownership, within a maximum of 10 days. This solution is only available for cars registered in Italy, with a maximum of 15 years of age from the first registration.


Used car warranty: why activate it?


The Car Warranty used in private sale transactions represents an undeniable added value, both for the seller and the buyer. By offering the policy in the price of the car, the seller will be more authoritative and reliable, a weapon not to be underestimated in a commercial bargaining. For its part, the purchaser may be more relaxed during the purchase phase, because in case of car breakdown it will be able to repair it without incurring any cost, or covering only the part exceeding the limits set by the chosen used car warranty.


How to take care of the wiper blades


Do you want the wiper blades to last longer? You can help you with graphite. The graphite is a black carbon powder, available at any hardware store at a price of around 5 euros; much cheaper than the new wiper blades starting at 30. How does it work? Apply the graphite to a cloth and wipe the rubber of the wiper blades : the graphite will make them soft and effective.


Against stubborn dirt on the windshield


Streaks and deposits on the windscreen – where water and wiper blades do not arrive – can be removed with de- icing . A miraculous and effective product against tree resin, pollen and insect residues. Attention however: we recommend the use only in case of emergency. Anti-ice contains chemicals that, although not explicitly toxic to humans, are polluting the environment.